Classes & Workshops

Mychal A. Bryan

“Astromancy, Geomancy, and the Interpretation of Dreams” With Mychal A. Bryan.

Geomancy and horary astrology have been used to interpret dreams for hundreds of years. In this lecture, we will explore the realm of intentional dreaming and how these ancient practices of astral divination can unlock divine wisdom from the realm of dreams. 

Margherita Fiorello

“The Path Of The Moon: Astrological And Magical Uses Of The Lunar Mansions.” With Margherita Fiorello.

A lecture about the Lunar Mansions, their origin and meaning, their traditional use in the Middle Ages and Renaissance texts. Together we will try to clarify whether the use of the lunar mansions is astrological or necromantic and the source of their iconography on the basis of different manuscripts.; with an analysis of a medieval text on them and a sample election.

Leonard George

“Behind the Lightning Mask: Theurgy in Late Antiquity.” With Leonard George.

The roots of astrological magic lie in the ancient world. The vision of a cosmos and hypercosmos seething with hidden life and humming with occult links is found in revelations such as the Chaldean Oracles, and in the works of philosophers such as Plotinus, Iamblichus and Proclus. Based on these sources, theurgy (“divine action”) aligned human and divine intention, transforming the operator into a co-creator of the universe. The instrumental possibilities in this animate, hyperlinked, participatory reality foreshadow developments in magic such as are found in the Ghāyat al-Ḥakīm (Picatrix).

“The Moon Within: Astral Therapy and Theurgy in the Renaissance.” With Leonard George.

Florentine polymath Marsilio Ficino is a towering figure in the history of esotericism. After an absence of many centuries, he brought back to European consciousness the complete works of Plato, the teachings of Plotinus, Iamblichus and other antique sages, and the Corpus Hermeticum. Inspired by these sources, as well as the Latin Picatrix and al-Kindī’s De Radiis, he crafted a system of astrological diagnosis and therapy centered on the faculty of imagination, the Moon Within. Ficino also devised new approaches to theurgy, including a means to create daimonic life.

Joscelyn Godwin

“Astral Invocations in Opera.” With Joscelyn Godwin.

This lecture, illustrated with musical examples, presents some of the instances in which a operatic character addresses a planet or its governing divinity. Composers from Monteverdi to Wagner, Rameau to Britten, have set these scenes with some of their most memorable music. In the process they raise the human drama to a higher dimension by embodying the archetypal qualities of the planets, and sometimes stars. It is a kind of musical magic, to which audiences unconsciously respond.

“Harmony of the Spheres.” With Joscelyn Godwin.

“Harmony of the Spheres” is the ancient doctrine that the macrocosmic order of the planetary and stellar spheres corresponds in some way to musical harmony. It has given rise to a great variety of visual and mathematical systems, such as those of Plato, Fludd, and Kepler. In the twentieth century, composers have translated the concept into instrumental sound. This workshop introduces both the theoretical and musical aspects, with examples from Schoenberg, Stravinsky, Messiaen, Crumb, and others.
Sara Mastros

“The Planetary Pentacles of Solomon, Magician King.” With Sara Mastros.

Grounded in the ancient Hebrew amulet tradition, the planetary pentacles of Solomon are included in many manuscripts of the renaissance grimoire, The Key of Solomon.  In this course, we’ll talk about the pentacles generally, and then we’ll make our own solar pentacles, good to “acquire kingdom and empire… renown and glory.”

“The Planets and Stars in the Orphic Hymns.” With Sara Mastros.

Orphic Hymns are one of the most important collections of sacred poetry from ancient Greece.  In this lecture, we’ll discuss the history of the hymns, including their translations in English, and then focus in on 8 hymns; that the stars, and those for the planets.  We’ll talk about how they’ve been used in astrological magic, and what they can teach us about Orphic ideas of the heavens.

Kristin Mathis

“Workings of Lead, Workings of Gold: The Countercultural Magic of the Orphic Hymns.” With Kristin Mathis.

Katadesmoi, or binding spells, were a common magical technique in the ancient Mediterranean. Designed to procure a desired outcome through engagement with chthonic and Saturnian forces, they relied on notions of compulsion and confinement to achieve their ends. The Orphic “Gold Tablets” (lamellae) present a striking contrast to these popular magical workings because they engaged solar and lunar forces to unlock and liberate the human soul. In this workshop we’ll look at examples of each, focusing on the astrological cosmology of the Orphics, and how its practice of freedom might serve as inspiration for our own practice, as we seek both cosmic connection and mutual liberation.
Sabrina Moncini

“The Mistress of Genesis: the Moon, the Soul, and the Art of Talismans in Late Antiquity.” With Sabrina Moncini.

I will explore the role of the Moon in late antique cosmology as well as what it means for her to act as a Mediator for the sublunar realm. I will address its role in astrology and its importance in the elections for astrological talismans. I will describe a few particular Lunar Talismans and their functions. Finally I will explore the Moon as a symbol of the Soul and its role as a mediator between the spiritual and physical realms, particularly in Sufism or the Arab Neoplatonic tradition.

Rain Mason Olbert

“Suitably Seasoned and Composed’: Poetics and Prayer as Power in Astrological Magic.” With Rain Mason Olbert.

Picatrix, Ficino, and Agrippa each highlight the power of words and prayer in astrological magic. For example: “in working with magical images, words and prayers help in combination with substances and actions” (Picatrix, Book I, Ch. 5, emphasis added). This talk presents a rationale for composing one’s own talismanic petitions and suggests compositional methods and techniques such as the precise use of ancient epithets for poetically augmenting ritual with one’s own creative mind in the service of “the power of your spirit [being] united with the power of the heavens.”

Joshua Proto

“Solar Sorcery Secrets Revealed.” With Joshua Proto.

Unleash the transformative power of Solar Sorcery by learning how to protect oneself, improve one’s health, increase wealth, and create a spicy love-life using traditional techniques of astrological magic. Participants will leave the workshop inspired and empowered to utilize and implement their newfound skills in their own practice.

Meg Raphoon

“Manipulating the Order of Created Things: Picatrix in Practice.” With Meg Raphoon.

In this class we will discuss the need for experiment and intention in magical practice as outlined in Picatrix. The connections and paths between the five forms to the practitioner and their intent is key in the magical practice within this work. We will explore ways to open the various kinds of senses to draw and recognize hidden, deeper meanings in our work.

“Generating a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.” With Meg Raphoon.

We will examine the careers of various magic practitioners and build from their systems and formulas that brought them sustained success (and downfalls). Tadeáš Hájek, a naturalist, physician, and astronomer in the late 16th century who fashioned his career using hermetic philosophies to move up the social ladder becoming a knight of the Holy Roman Empire. We will examine careers like his and modern success stories through the lens of alchemical and astronomical practices to uncover how the lived practice of hermetic magic results in success and elevation of status and power.

Samuel R.Reynolds

“Betwixt Light and Darkness: An introduction to glimpsing and connecting with the nature of your Daemon with astrology.” With Samuel R.Reynolds

Reynolds will discuss the following two methods used in Hellenistic astrology to glimpse the nature of your guiding spirit or daemon: the Lot of Spirit and the Master of the Nativity. Then we will discuss possible ways you can connect more to this guiding spirit through contemplation, theurgy, and experimentation.

Maria Wander

“As Within, So Without, As the Universe, So the Soul: Tuning Vibrational Essences to Your Guardian Angel Frequency.” With Maria Wander.

As astrological magicians we can distinctively empower ourselves by strengthening personal connection with the spirit realm through support of our Guardian Angel. The astrological calculation to ascertain this name and the methodological approach to creating attuned vibrational elixirs will be reviewed. These essences can be ingested or used topically to suffuse desired frequencies within and without the self to better align with the intention and practice of our art.
Cassiopeia Talisman

“Cassiopeia Talisman Workshop.” With Various.

The culmination of the Astrological Magic Conference of 2023 will be historic and unforgettable. A team of highly experienced astrological magicians will lead conference attendees in the creation of powerful talismanic rings inspired by the occult writings of Albertus Magnus, one of the most famous magicians of all time.

We will be making Cassiopeia Talismans, drawing down a mighty spirit of that constellation into a ring and granting its services to its new owner. According to De Mineralibus attributed to Albertus Magnus, these talismans bring sleep, restore the members of the body, give rest after toil, and strengthens the frail. According to the later writing the Speculum Lapidum of Camillo Leonardi they ensure the health of the wearer, heal the sick and weary, give rest and calm after labors, and brings pleasant sleep and sweet dreams.

Albertus Magnus is believed to have been born in 1193AD in what is now Germany and lived to be 87. A Dominican friar, philosopher, astrologer, theologian and prolific writer, he expounded on countless subjects; most of which today we would consider scientific but certainly included magic. He commented extensively on the writings of Plotinus and Aristotle, and was both a Neoplatonist and a very outspoken proponent of Scholasticism. A skilled diplomat and investigator, he traveled on foot throughout Europe studying nature; and when visiting libraries he copied countless books by hand. In addition to the canonical De Mineralibus, several works on magic and alchemy have been spuriously attributed to him– though he did claim to have witnessed the transmutation of metals. His Speculum Astronomiae both defends and criticizes the contemporary practices of astrology and the creation of talismans. A mentor to St.Thomas Aquinas, Albertus was eventually declared to be the patron saint of the natural sciences. His inspiring life shows that for some, faith, science, and the arcane can be fully integrated into a richly fulfilling life.

As for the Ring of Cassiopeia, we can hardly think of a more appropriate talisman to possess after a long weekend of learning, fellowship and celebration. And it is an appropriate homage to one of the greatest forefathers of our tradition.

An additional $150 fee will pay for a customized Sterling silver ring set with a large lapis lazuli gemstone designed by accomplished jeweler Kris Harvey; in addition to supplementary materials to prepare it as a mystical talisman of legendary power.

For those signing up for this add-on workshop, the ring size must be sent to our jeweler in sufficient time for it to be customized and shipped. Please do not delay this. Timing, after all… is everything.


Mychal A. Bryan

Mychal A. Bryan is a Bahamian-Jamaican astrologer, journalist, and clinical hypnotherapist, specializing in hypnotic dreamwork. He is the founder of Oraculos School of Astrology (OSA), where he offers a rigorous training program in concrete, event-based astrology. He practices Renaissance and Uranian Astrology in his client work, focusing largely on predictive and medical astrology research. Within his healing practice, Mychal is also a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher (CIYT) and Jikiden Reiki teacher. An avid student of the Western mystery tradition, he is entrenched in the world of Jewish mysticism, hermeticism, alchemy, geomancy, and the Qabalistic Tarot. To study with Mychal, visit:

Margherita Fiorello

Traditional astrologer, independent researcher, collector of tarot decks, lecturer, Margherita is especially interested in the iconographic aspect of planets and fixed stars. Her research is mostly focused on the several manifestations of the celestial sphere in the Medieval and Renaissance astrology and magic. She has translated a selection of text based on stellar lore.

Leonard George, Ph.D.

Faculty Emeritus, Capilano University, is a Canadian_psychologist, writer, educator and broadcaster. Author of “Alternative Realities: The Paranormal, the Mystic and the Transcendent in Human Experience” and “Crimes of Perception: An Encyclopedia of Heresies and Heretics,” and co-editor of the forthcoming “Explorations in Music and Esotericism,” he has given lectures and seminars around the world.

Joscelyn Godwin

Joscelyn Godwin was born in England and educated at Cambridge and Cornell. From 1971-2016 he taught at Colgate University. He has written, edited, and translated many books on Western esoteric traditions, and especially on their connections with music, including Harmonies of Heaven and Earth, Music and the Occult, and the sourcebooks Music, Mysticism and Magic and Harmony of the Spheres.

Kristin Mathis

Kristin Mathis is a poet, translator, and teacher based in Lenapehoking, colonially known as Brooklyn, NY. An alum of Brown, Princeton, and Columbia Universities, she specialized in ancient Mediterranean esoteric religions and cultural anthropology, studying with David Pingree, John Gager, Elaine Pagels, and Hans Dieter Betz, among others. She currently heads the Mysteria Mundi Project, working to recover the esoteric content of the Orphic Hymns and share their countercultural, eco-spiritual, profoundly liberating cosmology with contemporary seekers.

Sara Mastros

Author of Orphic Hymns Grimoire, Big Book of Magical Incense, and the forthcoming Sorcery of Solomon: A Guide to the 44 Pentacles of the Magician King, is Pittsburgh's leading Witch for Hire. She teaches tarot, witchcraft, Greek and Near Eastern mythology, Pan-Levantine folk magic, and practical sorcery online and at festivals all over the east coast. She’s also a co-owner of The Fool’s Dog family of tarot, lenormand, and oracle decks.

Sabrina Moncini

I am a Professional Astrologer, a body-oriented Psychotherapist, and a passionate Practitioner of Astrological Magic. I completed Traditional Astrology courses with Bernadette Brady, Rob Hand, and Christopher Warnock after receiving a diploma from the Faculty of Astrology Studies (London.) In addition to my private practice I have collaborated with various schools in Italy as a teacher of Astrology and more recently of Astrological Magic.

Rain Mason Olbert, PhD

(They/them) is a licensed clinical psychologist who wrote their dissertation on Tarot divination and recently completed a 4-year postdoctoral fellowship in adult psychoanalysis at the Austen Riggs Center. With Pallas K. Augustine, they are the co-proprietor of Idola Stellarum, a venue for traditional astrological magic, stellar devotion, and talismanic jewelry informed by a relational-ecological perspective.

Joshua Proto

(He/they) has created over 100 astrological talismans according to traditional sources like the Picatrix, 3 Books of Occult Philosophy, and select Buddhist texts. Josh takes pride in blending his leadership skills and embodied spiritual wisdom to give practical and impactful suggestions on how others can create the lives they desire with astrological magic.

Meg Raphoon

(PhD History University of Michigan ABD) researches the colorful world of early modern alchemy laboratories in Central Europe with special interest in the intersection of Classical, Jewish, Christian, and Islamic philosophies and ritual practice. As a practitioner, Meg incorporates Hermetic philosophies and the 4 primary steps of alchemy into daily life and ritual. Meg currently serves on the MEC Board of Directors.

Samuel F. Reynolds

A former skeptic, had a life-changing visit to an astrologer and has since spent nearly 30 years doing charts and studying astrology. Now Samuel consults and teaches astrology full-time. He serves as president of the board of directors for the International Academy of Astrology, and has written horoscopes for several print and online publications, like Ebony, New York Magazine, and His site is

Maria Wander

Maria Wander is an NYC-based High Priestess, a CAP-ISAR astrologer, Director for the National Council of Geocosmic Research, astrological magician and budding herbalist, she creates elected remedies, herbal/gem tinctures, and flower essences. Maria is an adept reader of Tarot, Lenormand, and Chaldean Destiny cards, a clinical hypnotherapist and university professor. She holds a doctorate in nursing with specialty as a board certified biomedical informaticist. As an author she is co-writing Capricorn Witch with Ivo Dominguez, Jr., for Llewelyn in 2024.